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Jodie Bryant

Founder of WIWO networking

Telecom specialist for Vodafone UK.

I have been in the telecoms industry for 7 years and a sales professional for 10.

A few years back I met a woman at a networking event and when our mutual love for running became apparent, it was the start of a great friendship. I have come to realise that as good friends we are both advocates of each other careers and can refer business to each other in a genuine, organic way. Exercising with each other has allowed us bond over many physical and mental challenges and we are more connected as a result.

This is the origin of Work in Work Out. A networking community that puts health and well- being on the agenda alongside building strong relationships to strengthen and increase your business sales.

A networking event your personal and professional selves will thank you for.

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Ju Choi

Finance Director of WIWO networking

Associate Director of Agnitio Accountants

I have been working towards my accountancy career for the past 13 years in a practice, and I have to say my drive and passion are what got me to where I am today. However, climbing up the ladder meant that I had to commit more hours and effort, losing work and life balance. It’s fair to say last year or so has been very much “live to work”, where I lost motivation in fitness and healthy eating. 

When I started to feel frustrated about losing the importance of a good lifestyle, I quickly realised there are others who must feel the same. That’s when Jodie came up with this genius idea! When the opportunity was offered to me to put this idea into practice, I couldn’t say no. I couldn’t wait to put our heads together and offer something new to those who share the same passion as us. 

So here we are today, with this small idea to get everyone connected, in business and in life.